Reimagined property management delivered through a perfect balance of automation and people power

Effortlessly manage and maintain your rental property with Nest’s automated property management system, for only $25 per property per month.

Reasons why landlords and tenants love Nest

Nest does the hard stuff so you can relax knowing your biggest asset is safe and sound. See why other landlords have made the move.

01. Get a single view your home, anywhere, anytime.

Dump the spreadsheets and throw out the manilla folders. Nest gives you a single view of your home, maintenance history, expected repairs, and any other documentation all in one place.

02. Automated admin that’s so simple it’s hands free.

Nest does everything you would expect of a property manager, but faster. Whether it’s managing a repair or reminding you of an up-coming law change, Nest takes care of the messy admin for you.

03. A human touch where and when it counts.

When it matters, Nest steps in with a human helping hand. For niggly moments that need a problem solving mindset, or just a quick chat, our team will be there to ensure your home is up to scratch, and your tenants are safe and sound.

04. Inspections like you did them yourself

With our AR driven tool, you’ll never need to make an inspection. You set the images you want the tenant to replicate and the frequency of inspection.

05. All your communication, notifications, and alerts in one place

With on-platform messaging it’s easy to check in with tenants, or simply approve a repair request in a single click, with a record of everything saved to your single view.

06. An app for your tenant built with your home in mind.

Our tenant mobile application streamlines all requests, maintenance and payments. It’s simple by design, doesn’t require training, and will make sure your home is maintained by any tenant just like it was their own.

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